Here are some randomly generated multiple choice quizzes you can try. Pick the topic(s) you would like, the number of questions, and the level of difficulty. Hopefully you find this helpful. If you don't understand why something is marked wrong, shoot me an email or ask me in class. (Just tell me the code number of the question.) There is always the chance that I messed up, so please check with me if something doesn't make sense.

If you are interested in sending me some questions, please use this format for each question. Then send it to me via email, either as an attachment or in the email itself. You can put mulitiple questions in one file or email.

Check off all the topics for which you would like questions:

Number of Questions: 5 10 15 20 25 30

Level of Difficulty: 1 2 3
Level 1: definitions and conceptual questions with little math, and certainly no trigonometry
Level 2: could include a harder concept or perhaps a little algebra or trig.
Level 3: could include some math, trig, and even simple calculus.


I should give credit to Aaron Mathieu who gave me the idea, and also the javascript code, for making little online self-grading quizzes. He has been doing this in his biology classes for years now. Here are links to two static quizzes that were originally for my College Prep classes:

Momentum Quiz

Energy Quiz

At some point, all the questions in these two quizzes will be in the database for the quiz generator above.

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